Group Scout Leader update

You may have seen our adverts recently for new Executive Committee members (places are still available) but we are also desperately trying to attract new volunteers for our sections.

Whilst we’ve had some success (thank you to those who have been in touch) we are still very short of adults at our meetings. If this continues, we may need to re-think some sections, with cancelled meetings, or worst-case scenario we may have to close a section altogether.

The last thing any of the team wish to do is disappoint the young people or let them down.  Our current leader team are working really hard to keep everything running smoothly, including events. If you’ve seen the same people over and over again, it would be natural to think that is the level of commitment required and run a mile!  I want to reassure you it’s not. We don’t want our volunteers to have to give so much time (we want them excited and motivated, not exhausted and burnt out!)

To combat this problem, we intend to:

Firstly, host a meeting, probably at Penistone Grammar School, to outline the volunteer gaps our group has.

  • As part of this, we will explain the things we need support with.
  • Some roles are youth facing, and are never as intimidating or challenging as are often perceived. Yes, we’d love committed volunteers every week, but we completely understand it’s volunteering and not always realistic. Twice a month will make a significant impact.
  • Alongside the youth roles, administrative, maintenance and strategic running of the group is necessary. In nearly all of these cases, the efforts can be chunked up and addressed by multiple people.

Secondly, we’ll invite interested people to attend section meetings. Scouting has a “four-week challenge” that we would be working to with those supporting our youth sections. Off the back of these, you can really get a taste of Scouting and how you can fit in. There’s a place for everyone!

Whilst we get this sorted and the dates communicated, please seriously consider what you could do to support the group in a volunteering capacity. You need not wait for the above session; reach out today and let us know if you can support the young people either behind the scenes or face-to-face at the section meetings.

The week ahead (9th September 2019 onwards)

Group (All sections)

Penistone Show

Volunteers who have stepped forward to support the car parking for Penistone Show will receive an invite to a safety briefing. This will be at in the Beaver Lodge of the Scout Hut on Wednesday 11th September between 20:00 and 20:30 hrs. If you are unable to make this briefing, please let Shauna know. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to help on Saturday; we just need to make sure your briefing is covered off at the start of your shift. We can’t all receive a briefing on the day – hence the Wednesday session.

Many hands make light work and therefore we welcome additional volunteers stepping forward to support, please. We will be working two shifts: 07:30 to 13:00 and 12:00 to 18:00. If you can assist with either of these, please let us know. The group receive a cash donation for our support – if you are unable to support us at other times, occasions like this benefit the young people too and therefore we seek your support.

Annual General Meeting

A reminder that the group’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at the Scout Hut on 26th September. As members of the Scout Council, all parents, guardians, leaders and youth members are invited to attend. We will be welcoming you from 19:15 with the session starting at 19:30, lasting roughly one hour. The AGM will incorporate youth-led presentations as well as a short Executive Committee output which comprises the necessary formal elements. Section meetings that normally take place on a Thursday will either be held on a different night or be cancelled.

Leadership changes

Shauna has taken on an Assistant Group Scout Leader role. She has been fulfilling much of the role over the last 10 months working alongside Laura supporting Rob with the group’s leadership. Shauna whilst committed to Scouting, can’t be everywhere and therefore has relinquished her Assistant Cub Scout Leader role at Bella Vista. Additionally, Shauna has had a change in personal circumstances impacting her childcare on a Monday evening. This means she isn’t in a position to commit to Engima Scouts and will regrettably be spending less time with the troop.
Jim Dawson, previously an Assistant Beaver Scout Leader, will take on the Section Lead role for our Monday Scouts commencing 16th September.  Enigma parents, an email with updated contact details will be shared later this week.
Richard N and Lisa will be joined by Adam at Bella Vista Cubs from next week. Like other sections, they need more regular leaders (see the top of this message!).


Section meetings

All three Beaver colonies plan on going out for the evening on a photo treasure hunt. Please make sure your Beaver is suitably dressed; whilst it’s often still warm at the start of the session meeting, with the nights closing in it gets cold relatively quickly. We will be meeting at our normal times, with the Scout Hut the start and finish point. Given we will be heading out, we need some parents/guardians (and well behaved leashed pets) to also come along, please.

Future Beaver events

Plans for the Christmas Beaver event is coming on well, as are other events for 2020. Whilst these are in the planning stage, it’s worth noting that without additional adult support, we may not be able to run them.


Section meetings

Alegre – Phil will be joined by Alison and Sharon this week, with the young people taking part in some mini pioneering projects.

Bella Vista – the programme is being finalised. If we need you to bring anything with your cub, we’ll let you know by email.

Raptors – will be starting back this week. A reminder to please always send your cub with a water bottle and dressed suitably, for us possibly being outside for some or all of the session.

Future Cub events

Plans for the Christmas Camp and Abseiling off of Miller’s Dale are coming on well, as are other events for 2020. Whilst these are in the planning stage, it’s worth noting that without additional adult support, we may not be able to run them.


Section meetings

Enigma – Unfortunately, we do not have a leader team available for this week’s meeting. The troop night has, therefore, had to be cancelled.

Wibblesplan on cooking up some treats on fires outside so make sure to wear old clothes under uniform shirts.

Viernes – will be hosting a bush tucker trial. Learning about what other nations eat as well as normal e.g. snakes and insects.

Future Scout events

Alton Towers – Those who are booked on to our trip (21st/22nd September) will receive an event briefing pack the first half of this week.

We also have, in the planning stage, a Christmas camp, Spring camp and Summer camps. Like the other sections, it’s imperetive we highlight that without additional adult support, we will not be able to put these on for the young people.


Section meetings

Explorers return this week at the usual time and will be looking at their program for the new term and beyond. All have been emailed and should come with ideas of activities that they would like to include, please.

Duke of Edinburgh and Young Leader training will be returning into the program and individuals should now start recording activities and chasing Assessor reports.

Future Explorer events

Alton Towers – Those who are booked on to our trip (21st/22nd September) will receive an event briefing pack the first half of this week.

We are hoping to join the Scouts for their Spring and Summer camps in 2020. These are in the planning stage, but we need to remind you that without additional adult volunteers, we may not be able to run these events.

Adult volunteers

Executive Committee

Exec meeting – our first meeting will be Tuesday 10th September between 19:30 and 21:00 at Rob’s house. Those unable to attend in person can dial in via Microsoft Teams using Scout email credentials a link to this has been shared.


Building bridges

The beavers, in their lodges with their new lodge leaders set about building a self-supporting newspaper bridge between the two chairs that would support Bernie. All four lodges worked together really well and accomplished the task in the timeframe given, well done. The new beavers enjoyed their first time and they all said they would be back next week.

Building relationships

Wibbles scouts welcomed almost everyone back this week though understandably a few were missing due to starting new schools the same day. We played some games, welcomed new scouts and got to know everyone a little better.

Getting to know you

Bella Vista welcomed 3 new cubs to the pack and had an evening playing games with the leaders actually taking part and discussed what we would like to do in the next few months.
And finally:
In line with Shauna’s personal circumstances change, please be assured that any communications signed off “Shauna Garner” are not from someone unrelated to the group. Shauna’s simply changed her surname!