Group Scout Leader Update:

Annual Census

Just a quick reminder about the annual Scout Association census, which is at the end of this month. To complete it we need basic information about all our members (adults and young people).

Everyone has been sent an email with a link in it to complete their details. It takes less than a minute for you to do but makes our job in pulling it all together so much easier. Thanks to everyone who has already responded. If you haven’t had chance yet, please click on the link in the email as soon as possible – we really appreciate your help on this!

The week ahead (27th January onwards):


Castors, Boomers and Millstones will be meeting at their usual times this week. Castors are hoping to do their international badge and Boomers will be working on their communicator badge.

Future Beaver events

No details at this time.


Alegre will be meeting, as usual, this week.

Bella Vista will be run by Shauna and Jim this week (thank you both), as Richard and Lisa, unfortunately, can’t be there. Please can cubs come in old shoes and non-flammable clothes that are safe for our activity cooking on fires.

Raptors have moved our session to Wednesday and are meeting at 18:30 outside Penistone Paramount. We will be watching the panto which starts at 19:00. Panto finishes at 21:30.

Future Cub events

No details at this time.


Enigma will be planning our menus for our three-course meal cooking challenge – to take place the week after.

This week, most of Wibbles troop, along with some parents and siblings, will be supporting the local pantomime again. Oh no, they won’t! Oh yes, they will! It’s always a popular, professional and traditional show, and this year it’s Peter Pan. We’re looking forward to a fun night out together.

Viernes will be meeting as usual. You’ll get an email if anything changes.

Future Scout events

Our Spring camp to Kettleness will be sent out for sign ups later this week. Keep your eyes peeled and those sign up fingers ready!


This week Scorpion Explorers will be looking at first-aid and brushing up on any gaps in our knowledge as expedition season approaches.

Future Explorer events

Our Spring camp to Kettleness will be sent out for sign ups later this week. Keep your eyes peeled and those sign up fingers ready!

Adult volunteers

Thank you to everyone who attended the volunteer recruitment event on Monday this week for your support and encouragement. You can read Rob’s post about it here. We have a number of people who could not make the meeting who we are catching up with separtely. Our recruitment is by no means over, so if you can help out, please get in touch.



Castors, Boomers and Millstones celebrated Chinese New Year last week and had fun with dragon making and other Chinese crafts.

Boomers were helped by new young leaders Joseph and Jacob, as well as now old hand Jack. Danny’s mum is from Hong Kong and he did a great job showing us several items key to Chinese culture, such as a Chinese lion, chopsticks and lucky red envelopes. We all learnt how to say Happy New Year in Chinese – “gong hei fat choy!”

Millstones beavers enjoyed making and being a Chinese dragon, as you can see from the photos. We also made some origami dragon heads and learnt that it’s the Year of the Rat. “Gong hei fat choy!” from Millstones.


Bella Vista enjoyed paper-related games last week. We started with a new game, matching the hand and footprints as quickly as possible. Then we made paper rockets and launched them to see which ones flew the furthest!

Alegre had a great time decorating biscuits to celebrate the Chinese New Year, using letters from the Chinese alphabet and to create a design representing 2020 and the Year of the Rat. We enjoyed some tasty Chinese snacks and fortune cookies. It was then time for us all to wish Susie lots of good luck, as it was her last week with us before leaving to have a baby. The pack had written lovely messages for her. Carolyn had made these into a book, which was presented to Susie with some lovely flowers followed by a fantastic B-R-A-V-O from the pack!

Raptors went Scottish instead and celebrated Burns Night! – They talked through some Scottish facts. Made themselves a ‘wee man’.  Akela wore a kilt (not his own). And with thanks to the generosity of Sam Ireland of the Hunstman pub donating a Haggis, we were all able to try ‘neeps n tatties’ black pudding and of course Haggis.  Before we ate though we were treated to a rendition of ‘the address to a haggis by’ local Scotsman. (Scott Roberts) – many thanks for coming down to do this for us.


Enigma had a great time making cowboy dinners last week. The night was led brilliantly by our young leader Harriet. The scouts started by building and lighting four fires to cook on. They then made their food filling, which was mince beef and veg, all wrapped in tin foil. The packages were then cooked on the fires – very tasty!!

Wibbles spent the evening playing games that highlighted gender, cultural and disability differences and understanding. The scouts are really focused at the moment and there have been some great examples of leadership and teamwork in the past couple of weeks. Our new patrol leaders have settled in nicely too.

Viernes started with a game of sprint hockey! We then discussed the history and origins of paracord. The scouts were then given the option of what to make. We had paracord people! Box knots, snake and fishtail!

Scorpion Explorers

Explorers tried some new taskmaster challenges this week as numbers were low due to mock exams taking priority.

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat!