Coronavirus / COVID 19 status

As with our earlier communication, face-to-face Scouting is suspended for the foreseeable future. The Coronavirus information and advice page on our website is updated regularly for the latest on Penistone Scouts’ arrangements:

The week ahead (30th March onwards):

All sections

This will be the first week we’re hosting virtual scouting sessions for all sections.

Given that it’s our first week of doing so, there’ll be one session per age group and not necessarily at the time, or even on the day, that your young person is used to meeting.

On Tuesday 31st March
Cubs meet at 18:30
Explorers meet at 20:00

On Wednesday 1st April
Scouts meet at 19:00

On Thursday 2nd April
Beavers meet at 18:30

We will be using the video platform Zoom to virtually meet. Invitations to the meetings have been sent via Online Scout Manager, and include a specific link you’ll need to be able to access our sessions.

We shared in our previous post some key points around how this will work, one of the most important we need to remind you of is that Beavers and Cubs must be accompanied by an adult during the call.

For this week, we intend to send a reminder out regarding the invitations on the day of meetings, and another via our social media when there’s roughly an hour to go. Don’t get used to those reminders though – they are for this week only! 🙂

Future events

Kettleness was cancelled. If you haven’t yet received your refund, please contact Shauna and she’ll work with you to get this resolved.

The St George’s Day gathering at Penistone Church is cancelled.

Group camp will not take place in July. Once we have a better view as to how long the lockdown will be in place for, we’ll consider our options.

Subs during the suspension of face-to-face Scouting

If you didn’t see the earlier post around subscription fees for Scouting, please take a look at the following post for full details

Supporting the community

We reached out to the Round Table to see what initiatives they’ve got around supporting one another during these testing times. They’re part of the Love Thy Penistone initiative. You’ve probably seen a flyer dropped through your door about the great efforts volunteers from Penistone are putting in place. If you haven’t, please take a look at their website which provides a mechanism for you to offer volunteer time, seek assistance, to join in community discussions and see when local businesses are open during the lockdown.

One of their fun initiatives is a Community Singalong. They are seeking video contributions towards their community rendition of “With a little help from my friends” (The Beatles). Content needs to be recorded and sent in by Monday 30th March (21:00 hrs). If you’re up for this, or want to learn more, click here.

Things to do at home whilst isolated (Reminder)

UK Scouting have released a fantastic set of activities anyone can do at home. Please do take the time to have a look at their, “The Great Indoors” initiative. There are over 100 things the young people can take part in – they are not limited do members of Scouting.

Leaders and adult volunteers

We know so many of you are struggling with increased workloads, testing times looking after family or worrying about jobs / financial security. This impacts everyone in their own unique ways. I want to take a brief moment to remind you that we are so appreciative of any and all volunteering you do for the young people; however, we recognise that not all of you will be able to accommodate or participate in the virtual scouting we’re putting on whilst face-to-face Scouting is suspended. If you can help, fabulous, please keep in touch with Rob, Shauna and Laura. If you can’t, or your usual engagement is limited compared to normal, please let us know too – that way we can arrange cover or see what can be done to support you.



Just before the Prime Minister announced that we would be entering a phase of lockdown, some of the leader team met to discuss how we could take virtual scouting forward. We then met again, virtually of course, on Wednesday to test out the new Zoom platform we’ll be using for this new phase of Scouting.

We feel it’s a great tool, and we’re looking forward to seeing what we can achieve via it. None of us like the situation we are in; we are concerned for the young people and the remarkable situations they are finding themselves in. Hopefully, the virtual sessions will provide an element of human and social connection that just isn’t possible with the majority at home.

Young People

We would love to see and hear what our youth members have been up to. Whilst we will be able to capture some of this from the virtual sessions later this week, we’d also love to take contributions we might feature in next week’s edition of Rewind.

If your young person has something to share, please feel free to tweet us @PenistoneScouts or send details to us by email on [email protected]