Welcome back!


2017 was tremendous for us; it’ll be a challenge, but we’re expecting to beat it in 2018. This year of Scouting is set to be truly awesome!

Hopefully, you’ve already seen information start to come out about some of the many events we’ve already added to the group calendar?

Back in the here and now, let’s take a look at the coming week:

The week ahead (8th – 14th January 2018)

  • All colonies are meeting at their normal times and usual locations.
  • Bella Vista and Alegre packs are meeting at their normal times and usual locations.
  • The Raptors pack are heading to Rotherham for Parkour @ Team Katalyst.
  • All troops are meeting at their normal times and usual locations.
  • Our explorer unit will be meeting at their normal time and usual location.


Other news:

New clothing and apparel  – We’ve launched our group branded clothing line and apparel on the group web store. Samples will be available to view at the Scout Hut; for full details and to visit the virtual shop, click here.

Christmas tree collection  – You may have seen that we advertised a Christmas Tree collection service. Today, we spent the day working with Springvale Community Gardens visiting over 150 properties; in some cases, collecting up to six trees per house! We raised a fantastic £1000. Thank you!


Reminders / Coming events:

Enigma field trip  – Full details for this have been emailed; however, the dedicated event page is here. Parents/Guardians need to please send information back prior to the week commencing 15th January.

Sub Zero sleepover – Bookings are being taken for this group event (limited spaces). Full details on the dedicated event page here. Please reserve spaces via your section leader and not through social media channels.

Sheffield Steelers vs Nottingham Panthers – This group event (free for uniformed members) is open to everyone including their families and friends (discounted entry). The event page is here. Again, please let your section leader know your requirements.

Joint Beaver meeting – The week commencing 15th January 2018, all Beaver colonies will meet at the scout hut on Tuesday 16th January 6:15 – 7:30 pm – please note, there won’t be meetings on Wednesday or Friday that week. Beavers will be going out for a walk so please make sure your child has a coat, torch, and suitable shoes.

Beaver panto/sleepover – Scheduled for the 2nd – 3rd February, the joint Beaver Panto (@Grenoside) and following sleepover (@PenistoneScoutHut) requires bookings to be made by the 16th January, please. Speak with your colony leader if you don’t already have a letter/details.


That’s it for this week’s update! Rob, out!

Featured image: Luca Florio (Flickr - Creative Commons)