Edition 10 – wow! That’s come around quickly.

The new format proved popular last week, so we’ll maintain the reminders/key information at the top and the recap/previously unseen footage in the lower section.

Reminders & key information:


Panto/sleepover – Friday 2nd February is the Beaver Panto and Sleepover. Drop off at the Scout Hut at 6pm Friday evening, please. Full uniform, your child’s car seat (if they need one) and accompanying kit from the kit list found in the letter (copy on the event page). If your child normally goes to Millstones and is not on the sleepover, there is no meeting this week.

Junk modelling – Castor and Boomer Beavers (Tuesday and Wednesday colonies) will be creating exciting models during their regular meetings. They will be building around a theme which will give the opportunity to do a spot of acting at the end of the evening! Please bring an assortment of clean empty boxes, bottles etc to help make creations.



Weekly meetings – All packs are meeting on their usual evenings and at their usual base locations.

Alegre caving trip – On the 18th February, we have an opportunity for Tuesday cubs to go caving. Please see the event page for details and booking information.

Bella Vista Bowling trip – Shauna shared details of a planned bowling trip (February) earlier in the week. There is an additional cost for this event and an extended meeting time. Please see the event page for details and to register your child’s place.



Enigma – The Monday troop will be meeting at their normal time, at the Scout Hut, please. The scheduled field trip has been postponed.

Wibbles – Wednesday Scouts will be at the Scout Hut at their normal meeting time.

Viernes – Friday Scouts clashes with the Group Panto trip; therefore, there’s no regular meeting this week. For those with Panto tickets, please see below for details.

Bowling tournament – In February we have planned an additional event for all Scouts and Explorers; we’ve taken quite a few bookings but there are still spaces available. For details of the bowling tournament, click here



Scorpions – Meeting at their usual time at the Scout Hut.

Caving trip – We’ve added an explorer caving trip (08/04/18) to the calendar. Please see the event page for sign-up and more information.


Everyone (except Beavers!)

Group Panto – Friday 2nd February sees our Cubs, Scouts and Explorers annual trip to the Penistone Paramount for the panto. Please meet outside the Paramount at 6:15pm to enable time for headcount, popcorn/slushie/chocolate purchases and for us to be seated in time for the show. We have a handful of tickets still available should anyone wish to join us. Contact Bruce for details, please.


Everyone (including Beavers!)

Sign up, sign up – We’ve loads going on in 2018. In last week’s Rewind, we summarised many of the events and linked to the corresponding event pages. More is being added to the calendar all the time. Some events are place limited, so please make sure you take a look to avoid disappointment.


With the reminders out of the way, let’s recap the week and see the additional footage.

This week:

Enigma shooting and C.S.I. (Part 2)

Once again, our Monday Scouts split into two halves. One remained at the Scout Hut and did some rifle shooting. The other half went to Think Forensic in Skelmanthorpe to learn some basic forensic skills and assessed a crime scene.

Original post and photos are here


Wibbles tackled recycling

Last week Wednesday Scouts visited BDR Waste Recycling Plant at Manvers. They learned about how the rubbish is processed and sorted once received and then had a go at sorting some themselves. At the end of the session, they had a great understanding of what happens when we fill up our bins and where everything finishes up.

Wibbles try their hands at recycling

This is “Wibbles try their hands at recycling” by Penistone Scout Group on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Raptors met some predators

Cubs from our Thursday Raptors pack had the folks from Brecks Birds of Prey bring some real raptors to their meeting this week.

See the original post here


Viernes commemorated Holocaust Memorial day

As a troop, we discussed holocausts and genocide. Bruce then held an interactive talk about Auschwitz. The Scouts were very mature about the whole evening and engaged brilliantly. After the talk, they drew pictures using charcoal to represent what the Holocaust meant to them.


Junk modelling with Millstones Beavers

Our Friday Beaver colony created musical instruments from recyclable junk.


Spaghetti / Marshmallow construction

Boomer and Castor Beavers have been making catapult structures out of dry spaghetti and marshmallows.

Castors and Boomers build spaghetti catapults

This is “Castors and Boomers build spaghetti catapults” by Penistone Scout Group on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Alegre & Bella Vista packs celebrated Burns night

Andrew Milner popped down and read some of Burns work to each Cub pack on their specific evening. Bella Vista also enjoyed a selection of Scottish foodstuff.

Photo credit: Boris Mann (Flickr – Creative Commons)


Wall artwork

Bruce found some interesting writing on the wall of the scout hut

1. Be nice to some people
2. Follow rules
3. Always go to camps
4. Be normal


And finally:

Achievements Awards

We’re very proud to have a varied and inclusive programme across all of our sections. In most cases, our regular meetings are planned to target specific Scouting merit badges.

We regularly give out achievement badges and awards, but we haven’t really mentioned them openly. We really should, so starting this week, we’re delighted to tell you:

Bella Vista awarded Harris his Chief Scout Silver Award.

Boomers gave out 60 badges covering the last couple of months and were delighted to present Zachary, Noah and Evan with their Chief Scout Bronze Awards.