We’ve changed the format for Rewind. Only a little, but hopefully one with a decent impact.

Essentially, we’ve moved the reminders and key information to the top of the post and the weekly recap / new content, to the bottom.

Hope you find the change useful!

Reminders & key information:


Panto/sleepover – The Beavers will be taken to their panto in a variety of cars. You will receive an email about car seats; please ensure you read it and respond appropriately.

Pirate camp – There are limited places remaining for this. As with the previous cascades about this event, you must book via Amy.

Weekly meetings – All colonies are meeting on their usual evenings and at their usual base locations.



Weekly meetings – All packs are meeting on their usual evenings and at their usual base locations.



Enigma – Those who were at the Scout Hut shooting last week will be at Think Forensic in Skelmanthorpe. Conversely, those who were at Think Forensic last week, will be at the Scout Hut rifle shooting. It is essential we have a completed shooting consent form. Without one, scouts cannot shoot. Consent forms are here.

Wibbles – Our Wednesday Scouts are visiting the Manvers recycling plant.

Viernes – Friday Scouts will be meeting at the scout hut at their usual time

Bowling tournament – In February we have planned an additional event for all Scouts and Explorers. For details of the bowling tournament, click here



Bin Bag fashion show – This week’s meeting (Tuesday) features the explorers putting on a bin bag fashion show. We’re looking forward to the pictures!



Scouttastic – We’ve sent some emails/comms out about Scouttastic. This will be a county camp held at Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre in Chapeltown. It is a huge camp where participants from all over South Yorkshire attend with their group to experience scouting on a wider level. Please visit our event page for more details.

Online payments – We have begun to trial online payments – hooray! If you aren’t seeing these for events yet, don’t worry – it’s on the way!

Fundraising events – We’ve lots of events this year, with something to suit everyone and every budget. Wherever you can help or support us, please let us know – we’d love to have your involvement (and cash!). From the extension of the scout hut to the jamboree contingent and subsidising many of the activities we put on, group fundraising is essential to our successes, all targeted and or for, the young people of Penistone.

Staying up to date – the website is not only the window into our Scout Group so that the local community can see what amazing things we achieve; it’s also the one-stop portal for all of our events etc. This week, Rob shared a VLOG (that’s a video blog) demonstrating some of the handy features found in our group calendar.

Sign up, sign up – Lots of emails have gone out from most sections about various camps and events that are taking place this year. Please make sure you take a look at them and register your places. Some have limited availability.

Getting in touch with us – We’ve turned off Facebook messenger as it was an extremely inefficient way of engaging with parents. As the group continues to grow in size, it’ll become even more challenging. For day-to-day engagement, please talk to your section leaders, complimenting your access to information by using the group website. For details of getting in touch with us otherwise, please refer to this page for direction/guidance.

Uniform and branded clothing – Samples of our group branded clothing and apparel are now available to view at the Scout Hut; for full details and to visit the virtual shop, click here.

Tagging photos – We love that you love to see the pictures and content that we share, but please remember to not name or tag other people on Facebook. We will remove any such tags/comments in line with safeguarding our members. For more information, see here,


Phew – Let’s recap the week and see the additional footage. It’s been a bumper one.

This week:

Enigma did C.S.I

Our Monday Scouts split into two halves. One remained at the Scout Hut and did some rifle shooting. The other half went to Think Forensic in Skelmanthorpe to learn some basic forensic skills and assessed a crime scene.

Original post and photos on this are here

Beaver Information evening

Huge thank you to the parents/guardians who came to the Scout Hut on Tuesday evening for our information evening. We met several new Beaver parents and were pleased to be able to: take a look back at 2017, discuss some of 2018’s plans and for Rob to take people through some of the key features of the website/calendar as well as share some helpful comms tips.

Beaver leaders Amy and Laura stayed too late and couldn’t get home (due to the snow) so headed out and made a snowman!


Raptors visited Team Katalyst

Cubs from our Raptors pack went to Team Katalyst @ Rotherham and enjoyed the indoor parkour.

Alegre and Bella Vista held a joint meeting

Two of our cub packs had a joint meeting at the Scout Hut. Games plus pizza and chocolate cornflake buns made by the Cubs own hands saw an enjoyable shared night.


Viernes Masterchef challenge completed part two of their cooking badge

Our Friday Scouts completed part two of their cooking badge. They brought in the products they’d planned last week and they shopped for, prepared, cooked and ate them all the space of their weekly meeting.


Bella Vista went caving

We have loads of caving trips planned for 2018. Particular thanks to the North West Derbyshire Scout Caving team for making these possible. This weekend’s trip to Alderley Edge was a fantastic experience, with many Cubs getting over their fear of heights!

Planning approval – achievement unlocked!

One of the key highlights of our week has to be receiving the news that our planning application to add another building at the scout hut has been approved.

For the full details, have a look here. We plan on adding another 5 sections so that we can eradicate our waiting list of over 200 people. We are going to need significant adult volunteers to make this possible – please talk to us about how you can help.


Our rubbish problem was thrown away

For a long time, we’ve struggled to be able to effectively deal with the waste and recyclables at the Scout Hut. Thanks to one of our Scout parents, we’ve now got some fantastic help from Biffa.

For the full article on this, see here


We’ve invited you to drink wine with us

The first of many fundraising evening hit the calendar. For full details, follow this link


And finally:

One of our Scouts turned 18 this week. Bruce wrote a fitting tribute.