Reminders & key information:

This edition’s reminders:


All three beaver colonies are meeting at Penistone Library on Friday. Drop off at 18:00 with collection 19:00. There will be no Tuesday or Wednesday meetings this week.


Alegre pack are going on a hike. An email will be sent to parents/guardians with additional information prior to the pack meeting.

Bella Vista pack are going to Springvale Community Gardens. Look out for an email with full details of drop off/collection later in the week, please.

Raptors pack are learning street dance this week. Please meet at the school at your usual section time; leaders, please don’t injure yourselves!


Enigma troop – regular start and finish time at the Scout Hut, please. The section meeting is your final opportunity to pay by cheque for the adventurous activities night. Only cash and bank transfers can be accepted beyond Monday evening.

Wibbles – please look out for an email later in the week.

Viernes continue to work towards their Cycling badge, riding their bikes to Dunford Bridge and back. An email was sent by Rob on Saturday including a bike maintenance checklist that your scout needs to complete and bring with them, please. On Friday, please bring a bike, helmet, lights, drink and a snack. If you need your bike looking at prior to the event, please remember that the folks from Cycle Penistone said to pop in and see them.

Brunts Barn – A handful of our Enigma troop will be heading to Brunts Barn next weekend in order to work towards their Expedition Challenge badge. It’s a fabulous opportunity to work with the rangers; we look forward to seeing they’ve been up to next Rewind. Please make sure you return your completed consent forms and payment for this trip to Shauna on Monday evening during your section meeting.

Black Country (Summer camp) – An information evening for our Scout and Explorer summer camp will be held on Monday, 9th July at 19:00. We will be holding this session at the Scout Hut, and replaces the Engima scout meeting. The session is for parents/guardians as well as those attending the camp – it is essential that everyone going attends this meeting; if this is not possible, please contact Amy to make alternative arrangements, please.


Please look out for an email later in the week.


Scouttastic –is less than two weeks away. In fact, at the time of writing, in two weeks time your young person(s) will have been returned to you, shattered but having had an amazing time at Hesley Wood! There will be a dedicated media team at the event – alongside our own photos we’ll be sharing on Facebook, the county media team will be streaming live video from the site over the weekend, and sharing photos/videos via dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages. If you aren’t already, you should “Like”, “Follow” and “Subscribe” them. Official Scouttastic links: Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

Overdue monies – There are a handful of people we still need to collect monies from relating to Scouttastic and/or Summer camp. If you still owe, please bear in mind that the balance is due even if your child has changed their mind about attending. The group had to firm up numbers and make financial commitments some time ago. As a charity, we hope you can appreciate that we cannot afford to stand the cost of places. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please speak confidentially with a member of the leadership team.

Race night fundraiser – Our apologies, but unfortunately we’ve had to cancel the planned race night fundraiser. We didn’t get enough interest in the event and therefore took the difficult decision to not go ahead with the event.

Executive committee

The executive committee meeting is scheduled to start at 20:15 at Penistone Scout Activity Centre. Please, can exec members convene in the Beaver Lodge? Laura is in the process of cascading the minutes from the previous meeting.

With the reminders out of the way, let’s recap the week.

This week:

Barnsley District Sixer and Seconder camp

Some of our Sixers and Seconders (Cub six youth leads) attended a District Sixer and Seconder camp at Silverwood this weekend. When I contacted Sam and asked him for some words to include in Rewind, I received the quote of the century – made me understand how journalists feel when they get a scoop. Before we get to the quote, let me just say that this is the umpteenth weekend in a row that Sam has been Scouting, so I anticipate he’s a little tired. :-p

Cheers, Sam! For pictures and some details of the weekend, you should please make sure you’ve also “Liked” the District’s Facebook page. You can find it here.

Raptors completed Disability awareness badge

Cubs from our Raptors pack discussed the different kinds of disability, ranging from the seen to the unseen. They learnt the alphabet and how to say, “My name is…” in Makaton and finger spelling. In addition, they used Braille to spell out words and phrases. The evening was rounded off by the Cubs playing their favourite game, dodgeball, albeit only using one hand.

Enigma start their Activity Centre Service badgework

Our Monday scout troop headed to Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre to begin some hard graft working towards their Activity Centre Service badge. Over the next few months, they will visit Hesley Wood, performing maintenance, cleaning and work into the running of Centre.

Cycling badge (Week 1)

Our Friday scout troop headed up to see Elliott and his team at Cycle Penistone. The scouts had a fantastic walkthrough of how to make sure their bike is maintained and safe to ride, as well as some practical experiences changing the inner tubes on some bikes. Massive thanks again to Cycle Penistone and their continued support in the community.

Arch2Arctic Expedition

Our Alegre Cubs learned about an expedition Rob and Poldy are doing to raise £100,000 for Scouts. They made support posters and recorded a video message too #Arch2Arctic Please do take a look at the website for this event – it’s amazing.

Alegre Cubs loved learning all about Rob and Poldy’s awesome Arch2Arctic Expedition to raise £100,000 for Scouts. Check out their video message to the… | By Penistone ScoutsFacebook

Alegre Cubs loved learning all about Rob and Poldy’s awesome Arch2Arctic Expedition to raise £100,000 for Scouts. Check out their video message to the…


Tuesday and Wednesday beaver colonies built boats from recycled materials. They enjoyed building and decorating them before seeing whose floated.

Sorry – haven’t got a photo!

Also this week, but we were so excited we didn’t get a photograph to share:

  • Explorers had some training talks about the Duke of Edinburgh programme
  • Wibbles went to the park for some outdoor games
  • Millstones went pond dipping

And finally:

A thank you

Several of the young leader team recently completed their A-levels. Many of those have now headed off on adventurous summer breaks or are getting ready for university. We’d like to extend a massive thank you to you all for the hours of dedication and support. It’s been a pleasure having you help the young people, through fun, adventure and the #SkillsForLife. We look forward to seeing you when you pop back from University, and if you return to the area post-university. As Buzz said, many years ago, “To Infinity and beyond!

Editors note: the other famous Buzz probably had something worthwhile quoting, but Mr Lightyear’s line was the first that sprang to mind, so I’m going with it!